Skyscrapers and Pacific Science weekend homework

You can choose one of these options:

1) Record a video of an experiment using forces. Remember that you have to make it a fair test, and you also have to formulate a hypothesis and extract a conclusion. One idea for an experiment is to check whether aluminium foil sinks or floats (don’t forget to change the shape!). You can record the video with a smartphone (ask an adult for help) and send it to me by e-mail (, or upload it to Youtube and send me the link.

2) Make a PowerPoint presentation about forces. In the first page, you should write about forces in general, and in the following pages you can include the types of forces that we have studied, with a definition and a picture illustrating them. You will also have to send it to me by e-mail.

If you have any doubt or problem, use the comments section in this post to ask. I expect your homework to be sent to me by Sunday 23:59 at the latest.

Enjoy your weekend.

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