Letter about the trip to Liverpool









Write a letter about your plans for Liverpool


Begin with Dear _____.

1. Ask 1 or 2 personal questions

2. Say how you’re feeling (really excited) and why (trip to Liverpool)

Tell your friend about the activities you will be doing in different paragraphs:

3. Travel – by plane from Bilbao to Manchester :

How long will you stay and where? (in a hostel , share rooms with …)

4. Visits : to the huge Dream sculpture by Jaume Piensa (stop 0n the way to Liverpool)

to the Grange School (by bus) –  visit the school, share cvlasses, have lunch

to the medieval of Chester (by train) – see the Roman remains : amphitheatre, baths,  dress up as a Roman Centurion

5. Tours:  Beatles Tour (visit places where the Beatles lived and wrote songs, The Cavern Club where they played , Beatles shop …

Shiverpool actors  :    a Spooky Tour around the city

do a theatre workshop about Liverpool

6. Museums:  Maritime Museum, Slavery Museum, World Museum

what workshops will you do and when?

the huge Dream sculpture by Jaume Piensa

7. Last night: ride on the Liverpool Eye

Chinese restaurant in Chinatown

see a film at the cinema

Coach back to the airport (spend the night there)


8.What are you especially looking forward to?

Finish the letter:

I’ll tell you all about it when I see you

Lots of love from,

Bye for now,

See you soon,

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